April 10th Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 48. Northwest wind 5 to 13 mph.

Please remember we are encouraging only day trips to the area for the health and safety of our community.  Practice social distancing and do not park more than one car per parking area.  The state has already started shutting down overcrowded parks, do not give them an excuse to shut down public lands!

Finally a couple days of stable weather.  Looking good today and Saturday, Sunday starts a drip in temperatures.
Creeks are clear as we have had no significant rain in Vernon county.  Fish are feeding on scuds and bead heads in the mornings.  We are still getting a mix of midges, olives, and spring stoneflies in the afternoon, but with the quickly changing weather patterns recently they have not been as strong.  Look for fish in the shin to thigh deep water in the morning, then pushing into riffles to feed on hatching bugs in the afternoon.
  Leeches and streamers are catching fish, and crayfish and baitfish colored patterns are picking up as water temperatures start to climb.

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