April 16th Fishing Report

Increasing clouds, with a high near 40. West wind 5 to 10 mph.
A very chilly night and a thermometer that will not rise much will keep things a bit slower today, however the sun shining bright first thing in the morning will warm the stream bed and get the bugs moving for the afternoon.
 Midges, olives, spring stones, and a few craneflies and caddis are hatching.  Expect the caddis hatch to pop anytime soon with warmer and sunnier weather.
Subsurface fishing has been good on pretty much anything fished in the shin to thigh deep runs below riffles.  Do not neglect the shallow riffles when the hatches are coming off as many trout will push up into the riffles to be first in line to eat hatching insects.
 Creeks are clear with water temperatures in the low to mid 40s, this will bump up again during the next few days and get the spring hatches back on track.

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