April 20th UPDATES

We're over it.  Sick of it.  It's devastating the local economy.  But we still need to consider the health and safety of our area.  As rural areas become hot spots from the virus spreading from larger cities we are asking you to please, do not travel to fish here from outside the area.  

Yes, fishing is extremely healthy and safe, and it's great for mental health as well, but as we see more and more anglers crowding access points and more landowners start to be concerned for their families and community we need to stop asking what we are allowed to do, but rather what we should be doing.  

Fish locally, tie flies, watch videos, practice casting.  The fish will be here after this craziness ends.  Wisconsin is on a path to east some stay at home restrictions at the end of the month.  We ask you to please do not travel long distances to fish here until then.

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