May 1st Fishing Updates

Creeks are low and clear.  The recent rains did not do anything to our flows or clarity.

Tomorrow is regular season opener, which is the busiest day of the year on our trout creeks.  This season it is more important than ever to respect landowners and each other if you decide to fish.  We're still recommending that you do not come here to fish.  Vernon county had it's first reported case of Corona virus last Friday with a gentleman with no travel or contact history.  In other words, somebody brought it into our area.  People here are nervous and many are still unhappy (understandably so) seeing out of state and out of area vehicles parked together on our creeks.

 If you do fish, please remember that Wisconsin is still under a shelter in place mandate.  All campgrounds in the county are closed.  Resaturants are take out only and services are very limited.  Make it a day trip, fill up at home and bring your own food.  We also encourage you to be on even better behavior on stream.  Do not park near anyone else, social distancing rules still apply in Wisconsin meaning you are supposed to be at least 6 feet from anyone else etc.  Do not jump above another angler, if they are already fishing upstream they do have the right of way to the water upstream!!  If in doubt, it is simple to ask the angler.

There have been numerous reports of trespassing, Please respect landowners!!  Conservation easements give you a bit of land bankside.  You are not allowed to walk access roads, crop fields, or pastures!  If the crowding and bad behavior persist we are at risk of losing our angler friendly properties, as well as future easements.  Respect our community, respect our property, and respect our landowners!

The shop is still closed and doing shipping only for a few more days/weeks.  

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