October 2nd Fishing Report

Creeks are clear and flowing a touch low with temperatures in the low 50s.
  With the cooler nights, it is not necessary to get out early.  Fishing picks up at a slow pace and peaks later in the day with the olives in the late afternoon/evening.  Watch for the olive hatch around 4.
  During the day we are fishing an attractor/terrestrial on the surface (hippie stomper, training wheel) with a bead head below it.  In the afternoon if fish aren't rising to olives, you can still get them to eat soft hackles swung downstream.

COVID 19 UPDATES: Wisconsin is experiencing an alarming increase in virus cases. Even in Vernon county we are seeing 8-10 cases a day instead of the 1 or two previously. While things are not shutting down yet, we advise a bit more caution. If possible avoid other humans as much as possible (easy to do when fishing!) and try to be indoors as little as possible. At the shop we are continuing to clean and disinfect surfaces, as well as requiring use of the hand sanitizing station at the front door and masks. We may have to limit the number of people in the shop to 3 if it starts to get very busy so please be patient if there is a line up!

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