October 6th Fishing Report

Sunny, with a high near 69. West wind 5 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.
  Creeks are clear and flowing a bit low with temperatures in the high 40s to low 50s. 
The sun is not doing anglers any favors.  It is more pleasant to be outside, but it is making the fishing more difficult than cloudy conditions.
It is worth waiting a bit until the creek temperatures bump up a degree or two.  The fishing picks up as temperatures creep up a bit.
With the bright sun in the sky and crystal clear water, the fish are spooky.  Fish broken water and find shade to find happier fish.  A nymph drifted just down from the riffles is key in the mornings.  Afternoons give us a bit better terrestrial bite (hopper dropper).  Evenings we are still seeing olive hatches but the fish tend to be a bit more reluctant to rise.  Fish smaller mayflies on finer tippet if you run into refusals.
  The leech and streamer bite has cooled down a bit too.  Wait for the sun to be off the water a bit and it will pay off.

Season ends soon!  Wisconsin's trout season goes through the 15th of this month (no fishing starting the 16th).  Get out there and fish!

With the end of the season on us, we are seeing quite a few anglers out there.  Please pay extra attention to the water you are on, do not trespass or block driveways/fields when you park.  Remember that we fish friendly here.  Do not crowd other anglers, if there is a car at an access spot drive to the next spot.  Never hop upstream of another angler, you are effectively cutting off their fishing and ruining their day!

COVID 19:  Cases of Covid are on the increase in Wisconsin and our little corner of the world.  Be cautious and stay away from other humans.  While fly fishing is, by nature, socially distant be careful when in towns, at the gas station etc.  

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