January 2nd Early Season Opener!

Patchy fog between 8am and 2pm. Otherwise, cloudy, with a high near 27. Light and variable wind.

Please note, we are still in a pandemic!  Wear your mask when around other humans, or just keep away from them (fly fishing is easy to social distance while doing)!

Creeks are low and clear with temperatures in the mid 30s.  The key in the winter is to fish rising water temperatures.  This means fishing is usually better mid day and on creeks that are more wide open and can warm up from the sun through the day.  There are some creeks that are frozen in places (the West Fork being one of them) but the wide open meadow creeks are in good shape.
  The only real aquatic insects around in the winter are midges and winter stoneflies.  To 'match the hatch' use smaller thin bodied patterns in a dark color rolled along the bottom.  Mid day, there is a chance of fish rising to midges.  Using a single bodied midge adult is the trick here.

PLEASE RESPECT LANDOWNERS!  We had an influx of anglers country wide last year, and unfortunately many of them were not following any kind of rules or etiquette.  There is no reason to tresspass for a trout.  If you have not made 100 certain that a piece of property is public, and you can not check in with the landowner, please fish elsewhere. 

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