March 31st Fishing Report

Partly sunny, with a high near 37. Breezy, with a northwest wind 7 to 17 mph, with gusts as high as 28 mph.
  We're pretty tired of the wind and cold front!  Good news is we are staring at mid 60s for the weekend!
Creeks are clear and a bit low with temperatures in the high 40s.  We're still hanging on waiting for the warmer weather (this weekend!) to really see the olives and possibly caddis hatching.  They are on the rocks and ready to go!
  Fishing has been quite good subsurface the past few windy days.  Spanish bullets, perdigons, and coulee scuds are the main items on the menu right now.

Please remember that after the crowds of last year, and the continued traffic on the creeks while the pandemic drags on, stream etiquette is even more important than ever!
The general rule of courtesy is: If you see a car at an access point, drive to the next one. There is no need for multiple cars at access points, we have enough water to spread out on.

Do not 'high hole' another angler. Fishing upstream is what we do in the Driftless. Never walk upstream of another angler and start fishing (unless you check in with that angler and get permission first),

When you park, do not block gates, driveways, or field access roads with your vehicle.

Finally do not trespass on private property! Make sure you are 100% positive you are on public property if you are on the bank. The various apps and map books are not 100% accurate! Make sure you do your homework, check in with the landowner, or just keep your feet wet whenever possible. The Driftless is a great place due to landowners allowing anglers to fish or selling their land to conservation easements. If anglers do not follow the rules, the excellent system we have here will vanish.
On the surface we are still seeing a solid midge hatch mixed in with a few olives.

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