June 30th Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 83. Calm wind becoming northwest around 5 mph in the afternoon.
  It's summertime here in the Driftless, and the fish are in pretty good moods.  There are still a couple of creeks that are running warm, from here on out it is always a good idea to use your thermometer.  Anything over 65 is going to be slow fishing.  Most of our headwaters and tributary creeks are running in the high 50s to low 60s.  Those creeks give you the best shot at good summer fishing.
  Even with favorable water temperatures, the fishing is best early and late when the sun is off the water, or on a day that clouds are overhead.
There will be some fish rising early to midges (no tricos yet) then they will switch over to happily eating terrestrials on the surface through the day.  Our go-to rig for summer is a foam terrestrial with a bead head dropped below.  The evenings will have fish eating some lighter colored mayflies, craneflies, and egg laying caddis on the surface again.

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