September 15th Fishing Report

Sunny, with a high near 72. Light west wind.
A very pleasant summer day today.  Weather looks good, even with a chance of rain later this week, until a brief warm up on Sunday.
  Nothing much has changed fishing wise.  It is hopper season in the Driftless!  The banks are full of hopper, beetles, ants, and crickets.  The day fly action does not really get going until the ground dries out, sometimes fish will not really look up until late morning.
  Nymphing is key right now.  Throwing some thinner bodied bugs such as perdigons, zebra midges and hot spot PTs works all day.  We still prefer to fish them under a foam pattern (hippie stomper, training wheel etc) as when the terrestrial bite is on you have a chance for a fish to eat not only the nymph, but the 'indicator' too.
  Creeks overall are clear to slightly stained with good temperatures.

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