October 12th Fishing Report

Wisconsin's season runs through October 15th.  After this Friday it closes until the first Saturday in January.

 Fishing remains solid thanks to the cloud cover and light rains the past two days.  Over the last 24 hours our area received about half an inch average.  There were only one or two small spots that got an inch of rain, and most of it fell lightly on and off all day yesterday.  In other words, our creeks are in perfect condition.  Clear to slightly stained.

 With the cooler temperatures, fishing has been a touch slow to get moving in the morning.  While you can catch fish on nymphs crawled along the bottom early in the morning, things seem to be 'waking up' around 10 or 11.  

 We're still fishing a hopper/dropper through the day using scuds and pink squirrels early, then after lunch swapping to thin bodied nymphs to mimic the blue winged olive nymphs.

Later in the afternoon, conditions are right to see an olive hatch.  It has been spotty and sporadic, but where the bugs are hatching, fishing has been fantastic on klinkhammers and film stars!

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