June 1st Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 68. Northwest wind 8 to 11 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.
A few sunny days ahead with really nice temperatures!  These weather days are great caddis and cranefly days.  On top of that, we are seeing sulphurs and other lighter colored mayflies in the evenings.
  Terrestrials are hot right now, especially on breezy days.  Fishing an ant or beetle near overhanging vegetation can be excellent.  Fishing out in the 'open' water, a larger beetle pattern as an indicator with a dropper below can be a great searching technique.  Do not be surprised if fish crush the beetle!
  Creeks are clear and still a bit low with temperatures in the high 50s.  Caddis and craneflies are around in smaller numbers all day long (watch for splashy rises) while the sulphurs and other mayflies hatch near the end of the day.
  This is still the peak of season and trout in the Driftless are generally happy.  The only thing working against us is the sun.  Clear water and sunny skies mean spooky fish!  Approach the creeks with caution and be as stealthy as possible.

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