June 24th Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 88. Southwest wind 6 to 11 mph.

 Ugly hot again today.  Fish early, check temps and find the shade. 

We're forecasted to get some light rain showers through the day tomorrow starting around 4 am.  So far, it is not forecasted as anything other than light rain and drizzle with a half to a quarter of an inch through the entire day (spread over 12 hours).  We don't have a crystal ball and things can change, but overall we are not concerned about the weather tomorrow for our creeks!  Things are very dry and the ground will be able to absorb quite a bit of the rain.  As long as it doesn't become a brief and heavy storm all will be good and even favorable tomorrow.

  The better news is that it gets quite cool early next week!

Fish are eating small parachutes and rusty spinners in the mornings, switching to terrestrials with droppers during mid day, and then to some lighter colored mayflies and egg laying caddis in the evenings.  Do not forget craneflies, they are not as heavy as the past few seasons, but fish are still eating them well through the day.

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