July 6th Fishing Report

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 79. East wind 5 to 9 mph.
 An excellent rain hit the area the past 24 hours.  Around the shop it was about 1-2 inches which will muddy things up a bit this morning.  Guides are out and have found fishable water, but it is very slim pickings.
 Down around Fenimore, the rains hit much heavier dumping up to 4 inches!
Things will drop and clear quickly here giving us more and more fishable water as the day goes on.  Do not be afraid of stained or even cloudy water!  The fish are very happy when there are clouds in the sky and cloudy water.
 Fish leeches, streamers, larger scuds and worm patterns in the murky water, focus on scuds and normal bead heads below foam in the clear to stained water.

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