July 22nd Fishing Report

Partly sunny, with a high near 85. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
 Despite some warmer weather, so far we have been spared from a massive heat wave and the water temperatures have started in the low 60s except on the larger creeks.  Early morning fishing has been fantastic lately, not just due to tricos, but there have been clouds each morning keeping the sun from shining down on both anglers and fish.  This has given us an extra couple of hours on the water before things slow down.
 Remember to use your thermometer, temps above 65 start to slow things down, and over 68 can be lethal to fish!
Tricos in the mornings, then fishing a beetle, or ant near grassy banks and overhanging vegetation will get fish to eat on the surface.  The standby hopper or foam indicator fly with a bead head below will always get fish in the summertime too!
 In the evening we are seeing trout rise to cahill-ish bugs (white to cream colored mayflies) as well as a few midges and egg laying caddis.  It is much later in the evenings from about 6-10.
 Mousing and larger streamers at night after the sun goes down has been good.

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