Early August Fishing Report

Monday will be cool and cloudy continuing the great weather from last week.  A brief warm up on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday we are forecasted for some summer showers that drop the temperatures again for the weekend.  All in all a solid looking week for August!

  Tricos in the mornings, then terrestrials with droppers all day.  The hopper and beetle bite has been quite good.  Water temperatures are good right now in the upper and middle sections of the creeks, while being a bit warm in the larger creeks and lower sections.  Use your thermometer.

Fish are holding in and below the riffles especially in shady undercut banks.  The sun is our limiting factor right now, fish early and late and find the shade to find the happiest trout.  If you can, take an early dinner and stay out a bit later the last couple hours of the day have been very fun!  Staying a bit later and swinging a mouse pattern in some of the deeper spots and slow pools at night has been fun too!

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