August 22nd Fishing Report

Mostly sunny, with a high near 78. Light northwest wind.
 Nothing to report really.  This August has been downright fantastic for weather.  Even this week we are not forecasted to hit above 81 for a high.  
Terrestrials are still the hot ticket.  Fishing training wheels or larger beetles with a nice splat is extremely effective!  The past couple of days we have even cut off the droppers as fish were crushing hoppers.
 With the sun out and bright the next couple of days, you just have to choose your timing a bit more carefully.  From about 8 am on as the ground dries out and terrestrials start moving the fishing is good.  Mid day when the sun is high, the fishing can slow down.  Find some shade or take a nap and wait for the sun to start going down (around 5-ish) and fishing will pick up again!

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