Join us in Cuba January 22-29 2022 TRIP IS FULL

This isn't just an ordinary flats trip!  Cuba's management and conservation is one of the best in the saltwater world.  Their Fly Fishing Sanctuary keeps impact on the fish and ecosystem low while giving anglers an experience of a lifetime.  This means fishing unpressured fish and not seeing other anglers through your days. Imagine fishing the flats for bonefish and permit and being the only boat out there!

  We will be based south of the mainland on a mothership/yacht that's more a floating hotel than a boat with cabins!  The yacht is brand new for 2020 (see brochure below for details) and has all the comforts of a high end lodge, the main difference is that you'll be surrounded by nature (and not other travelers) and you get to step directly onto your skiff in the morning and head out fishing!

The cost of the trip is $3300 (including all alcohol, license and conservation fees etc) based on double occupancy.  This price includes all guided fishing, lodging, food, alcohol, transfers to and from airports.  The only things not included in the price are airfare to Cuba, flies leader and tippet (we will be putting together packages) and gratuity for guides and staff.

-Guaranteeing an efficient, secure and effective management of tourism operations in the park,

-Providing our clients full satisfaction and giving them an opportunity to live a unique experience are most important goal for Avalon, which only can be achieved by maintaining world-class standards and pristine ecosystems where marine live thrive. That is the reason we agreed to limit the number of tourists, jealously observe carrying capacity limits and good practices, have implemented a rotation system of fishing zones and limited the number of skiffs. 

-Reducing the ecological footprint of tourism operations,

-Returning benefits to the park authority and local communities in order to guarantee the long term preservation of the natural heritage

You can read more about the outfitters commitment to the environment and community here.

Information on mothership and trip.

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