Mostly Sunny
High 9
Creeks low and clear
Water temps 35-40
Sunny but cool with the temperature dropping throughout the day.  Not the best conditions for fishing, but you can still find a few active fish early on.
  Tomorrow looks brutal with wind chills to almost -30!  Things normalize by Wednesday when temperatures return to normal.  Anything in the 25 degree range (especially with sun) will be tolerable to fish.  Colder than that it is just rough on your gear and yourself!
  Fish are in deeper pools as water temps are in the high 30s to 40.  Don't overlook colder (35/36 degree) water that is in the sun.  It has been some of the better fishing lately as the water temps rise from the sun's heat!
  Midges and squirrels have been excellent subsurface, as have leeches and thin mints.  No real dry fly activity lately as midge hatches have been sparse with the changing weather.