Partly Cloud
High 30
Wind S 8-13
Creeks low and clear (winter flows)
Water temps 36-44
The temperatures over the next few days are ideal!  Not too warm to cause rapid snowmelt, and not too cold that it stinks being outside!
  Look for midges and winter stoneflies to hatch if the sun is out most of the day.  
Water temperatures are key.  Fish will eat on rising water temperatures, and will begin to shut down on falling temperatures.
  Creeks are ice free for the most part, and the snow on the banks is not too deep to make walking impossible.  In other words, for January we are looking at pretty much ideal conditions for the weekend and into next week.
  Fish are eating micro nymphs and small flashy bead heads.  Scuds, midge larvae, and pink squirrels are also in the mix.  Leeches and streamers are always a fantastic winter fly, and you can find some surprisingly big fish this time of year.  Just remember to keep your retrieve a bit slower than you normally would.