Rain in the morning, then mostly sunny high near 84.
Some much needed rain this morning!  And as I am looking out the shop windows, the sun is already peeking out.  Look for some invigorated fish early with a few streams showing some stain after the brief heavy rains early this morning..  Everything should drop and clear very quickly as most of the rain will be soaked in by the dry ground.
  On the cloudy creeks, fish leeches scuds and even San Juan worms subsurface.  On the clear creeks it has been scuds and heavy bead head nymphs subsurface.
  On the surface we are seeing egg laying caddis, craneflies, midges, and even a few lighter colored mayflies, especially in the evenings.  Terrestrials (ants and beetles specifically) have been fantastic lately, don't hit the stream without a few in your fly box!
  Creeks are low and stained to murky with temperatures in the mid to high 50s.