Mostly cloudy, with a high near 84. Northwest wind around 7 mph.
Last night's storm dumped about an inch of heavy rain area wide.  Expect stained to murky water first thing this morning, but dropping and clearing rapidly.
  We started to see Tricos in the mornings!  Look for the spinner falls early and lasting until the sun gets well above the ridges.
Other surface activity is terrestrial centric with beetles and ants most important.  We are starting to catch fish on hoppers and fat alberts too.
  Subsurface has been a mix of scuds and leeches in the water with some shade and a stain, and tiny, heavy, thin bodied nymphs in the creeks that are clear.
  Sun and water temperature are still limiting factors.  Remember to use your thermometer as water temperatures over 65 mean poor fishing and possibly lethal to land fish in.