Sunny, with a high near 70. Southeast wind 5 to 8 mph.
50 degrees walking into the shop this morning!  The mid summer has been more like mid June and the fish are responding.  
Early fishing has been slower on the surface due to colder morning temperatures, but they will respond to a midge larvae or brush hog fished on the bottom.
  During the day, a hopper/dropper will work as will sunken ants and beetles.  Tiny bead heads continue to catch fish through the middle part of the day too.  The sun is still a limiting factor so find some shade and you will find more fish!
  Most of the hatch activity is happening in the evening.  We're seeing a couple species of mayflies as well as craneflies, caddis, and midges.  The rising fish can be tough to crack, it seems they will eat one type of fly for a few minutes than want you to switch.
  Mousing has been great lately thrown on a headlamp and head out at night, you might be surprised what you find on the end of your line at night!