Increasing clouds, with a high near 45. East wind 7 to 11 mph.
We could really use the clouds right now!
Creeks are low and clear and fish spooky.  Temperatures are in the high 30s overnight to low 40s mid day.
Fishing is best as water temperatures climb and we are still seeing rising fish here and there mid day until about 3.  Finding some sort of shady area or fishing underneath undercut banks and on the bottom of deeper pools is key as water is warming up.  The fish are hesitant to come out in the bright sun lately.
  Midges are still the major food source, both subsurface and surface.  We are waiting on a few more warmer days and we should start to see some mayflies.
  We are also catching fish on scuds, leeches, and other heavy nymphs (small 16-22, and black or brown) rolled right along the bottom.