UPDATE:  No extra rain has fell since this morning!!  And it looks like we are not supposed to get any more.  Creeks are dropping and clearing quickly here.  We have fishable water right now and will have more by this evening!
Raining this morning as we opened the shop.  It has been fairly heavy so far, but nothing on the radar behind it.
Creeks yesterday were clear to mildly stained.  With the rain this morning expect stained to muddy in the morning with a handful clearing out by this afternoon (barring any more rain).  It isn't disastrous as the first storm has already passed as of the writing of the report.
  San Juan worms, scuds, leeches in the murky water.  Scuds, brush hogs, Squogs, and hare's ears in the clear to stained water.
A temporary pain, this rain has super cooled things and refilled the springs which means solid fishing for the near future!