Wisconsin's early season opens Saturday! 
Sunny, with a high near 35. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Unseasonably warm weather is headed our way starting today and through the weekend.  Saturday's opener is forecasted to be 45 degrees!!
  Creeks will start to slightly stain up in the afternoons with the warmer days creating some snow melt.  There is not a ton of snow on the ground and the color of the water should not matter, but water temperature will.  Make sure to use your thermometer and fish rising water temperatures!  Once snowmelt starts hitting the creek and dropping the temperature fishing will slow down or even stop completely.
  Heavy, dark bodied flies in smaller sizes (16-22) are key right now.  Midges are the main food source both subsurface and surface.  You can also catch fish on leeches and streamers fished slowly.