Sunny, with a high near 45. North wind 5 to 11 mph.
  Fishing remains solid for early spring.  We still have a bit of snow on the banks which means we are getting a trickle of snowmelt each afternoon.  This snowmelt, while not muddying up the waters significantly, will put a stain on the water, but more importantly it will drop the water temperature and slow fishing down quite a bit.  Your best bet is to fish early-ish and make sure you are on the water for the peak of the day (10-2).
  Frenchies, midge larvae, dark spikes and other heavy, thin and dark bodied nymphs are working well.  Hatches of midges are still around, although they have slowed down a bit the past couple of days.  On the warmest springs, we have started to see olives hatching.
Creeks are clear to slightly stained with water temperatures in the low 40s.