Moistly cloudy with a high near 54.  Breezy with a northwest wind 10-16 mph gusting to 25.
  No real rain yesterday gave the waters a chance to drop and start clearing.
  The smaller creeks and headwaters are clear to stained and the larger creeks are still going to be muddy, especially the lower sections that dump into the Kickapoo.  Things drained a lot quicker than we expected and we had fishable water as early as yesterday!
  In the murky water, fish black leeches and squirmy wormies.  In the clear stuff go back to using a foam fly with a bead head dropper (hippie stomper or chubby chernobyl with food and drink below).  We're finally getting some fall weather the next few days so look for fish to start getting a bit more agreeable and aggressive if the weather doesn't heat up again!
  Remember season closes after the 15th of this month.  Make some time to enjoy the Driftless again before things shut down!