Mostly Sunny
High 78
SW Wind 7-14
  Things have been hopping in the Driftless!  Another light rain last night will do nothing to the clarity of the creeks, but it did inject a bit more cold water into the system.  This weather is perfect for late August (excepting the wind...)
  Tricos in the mornings, followed by solid terrestrial fishing, especially on smaller terrestrials such as ants and beetles.  In the evening the parachute adams hatch is on!  A simple adams or caddis pattern can get most fish to eat on the surface.  A midge dry will take care of the fussy fish.
  Subsurface fishing has been excellent on leeches and scuds lately after the rains.  It is slowly turning back to midge larvae and small pheasant tail type bugs, but for the weekend, squirrels and hare's ear type nymphs should work just fine.
  Waters are still a touch low, and clear to stained area wide with water temps in the mid 50s to 60s.