Partly Sunny
High 76
Wind E 5-8
Water clear to slightly stained 55-63
Another warm and spotty cloud cover day.  Fish the shade to find fish.
This is the last weekend of season, please be courteous to other anglers and give them space.  The general rule of thumb is if there is a car at an access point and you can not check in with the angler(s) move to the next spot.  There is plenty of water to fish!
  Tricos are still kicking around in the mornings, and olives are hatching late afternoon as long as clouds are in the sky.  Terrestrials are working as are smaller dries in brown and black.
  Subsurface fishing has been good on smaller, thin bodied bugs and scuds.  Leeches and mice have been catching quite a few fish in the evenings too!