High 34
Wind NW 13-17 with gusts
Creeks Low and Clear
Water Temps 38-44
Warmer weather the next few days and heading into the weekend!  The slightly warmer temperatures gave us midge hatches and we even saw some winter stoneflies yesterday.  Fish were feeding on the surface.
  Fishing is solid for winter time!  Fish are eating just below the riffles and into the runs.  You can also find pods of fish in the deeper pools.  The water is low and clear with fish being a bit spooky, so use some caution as you stand out quite a bit with a white background!
  Trout are eating leeches and streamers in the deeper pools, and are feeding on small, flashy bead head nymphs and midge larvae in the runs and riffles.
An unweighted pheasant tail greased and in the surface is deadly for rising fish when the standard midge dries are not getting them to eat.