Locally Tied!


Bigger profile leech. Great big trout pattern!


Itty Meaty size 6.  Mini Meaty size 10.

This pattern was designed specifically to be a leech that meets the needs of a short-line angler but fishes great on the swing too. The Thingy uses rabbit zonker to mimic the flat bodyform and undulating motion of a real leech. The pheasant rump and blended dubbing body shimmers and pulsates with realistic mottling and UV enhancement. The ultra top quality Owner hook is wicked sharp and its short shank, curved point, and up eye all act to give you the advantage on presentation, hook set and play. Moreover, the upturned hook eye and tungsten bead combine to give the fly a up and down motion when retrieved: this fly positively wiggles with life. Great for trout and bass, this fly consistently delivers some of my best fish each year, especially early and late in the season.