Lightweight, USA made, comfortable and durable!


These are the Danners for the Driftless! Lightweight yet bombproof. The last boot you will buy!

Lighter-weight for wet wading, flats fishing and long approaches, these boots are built by Danner in the USA and offer excellent performance and durability in both fresh and salt water; made from full-grain leather with VibramĀ® Megagrip soles for secure traction across a wide range of surfaces.

Waterproof full-grain leather treated with a PFC-free saline solution tanning process for improved resistance to breakdown, even in salt water; the leather can be reconditioned as necessary. Tough 1,000-denier nylon paneling provides excellent abrasion resistance

Adjustable speed lacing system; a quick pull gives a precise and secure fit over the forefoot and through the ankle

Perforated drains on both sides of boot upper clear water quickly; for faster dry times, upper design is free from unnecessary foams and backers

Molded bi-fit board combines the shank, lasting board and midsole into a single piece that reduces weight without sacrificing comfort and support

Stitch-down construction creates a wider platform for more stability, helps protect the boot sidewall and allows the boots to be resoled by Danner

VibramĀ® Megagrip sole compound specially developed for grip on both wet and dry surfaces while maintaining a higher level of durability

1593 g (56.2 oz)

Yes, these boots are insanely expensive relative to others.  So why buy them?

Everything is repairable!  Being made in the USA, Danner can pretty much revitalize, resurrect, resole, and restore old boots.  So with just a bit of TLC, these boots can last multiple seasons instead of just one or two then off to the landfill.  It is an upfront investment but if you get 7-8 seasons out of these boots where normally you would get 2-3 you are actually spending less in the long run, and not throwing old boots away!