Tung Tied



The mottled tungsten beads and thin bodies get the fly down quickly and look like the food the fish love. Tied on a barbless hook.
From the fly designer:

"I remember a fly-tying mentor telling me years ago that the thickness of the hook shank is the proper size for their bodies, so any thread you add to it makes it too thick. This may have been slightly exaggerated, but not much. The main point is to keep the body as slender as possible. I originally was going to call this fly the Skinny Baetis but later opted for the name RIO’s Tung Tied Baetis to highlight the tungsten bead.

Talking of tungsten beads, I used a mottled bead for this fly, and it is so rad. Mottled beads are such a departure from the classic gold and silver options and add another element of realism. I designed this nymph with no wing pads as I felt it didn’t need one, and think you get a quicker sink rate without it.

If you fish this on, or near, the bottom (which I recommend) the jig hook will keep it riding hook point up which greatly reduces the chances of it snagging on the bottom. I’ve also fished this as a dropper behind a dry fly and under an indicator to great effect."